Fairy Stream


Fairy Stream for a Fairy Garden

The fairy stream has deep turquoise coloured water edged in realistic stones. There are rocks in the middle of the stream and the stream features linework that makes the stream look like its moving. Two streams will fit together and create a longer stream with a meandering aspect. 


  • Material:  PolyResin
  • Size: 15.5cmL x 4cm x 1cmH
  • Freestanding and suitable for indoor or sheltered fairy gardens.
  • Not suitable for children aged 3 years or younger, or children who still mouth toys and educational resources.

These items are hand painted and crafted from durable PolyResin, this item is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. To protect the beautiful paint work, you can use a colourless UV-resistant sealer spray when leaving them outside. Remember to bring them inside if they are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as excessive rain, sunlight, heat, or snow.