Felt Mouse Family - Set of 4


Felt Mouse Family

This beautiful mouse family is handmade of wool felt with the most gorgeous knitted jumpers. There are two larger and two smaller pairs. They could be a family of any configuration, blended or extended. Or they could simply be siblings or friends having adventures together. 

These mice feature posable arms and legs that enable you to position them as standing or sitting. They can be paired up with a number of our other products. The woodland felt house would be the perfect home for these mice. 


  • Set of four mice: two larger, two smaller
  • Mice wearing knitted sweaters
  • Free standing
  • Bending arms and legs 


  • Height: Approximately 13-14cm
  • Larger mice: Height 12.5cm,
  • Smaller mice: Height 10-11cm
  • Made of 100% natural wool and non-toxic, biodegradable dyes.


Papoose Felt is made from pure 100% wool and therefore cleaned similarly to wool.  Wool will naturally repel water and liquids. If a spill should occur dab liquid immediately. Then repeat with a damp clean cloth until clean. Let the item dry naturally.

Suited for children aged 3 years and over