Galaxy Jumbo Play Silk || Play Silkies

Type: Loose Parts

Swirls of deep dark midnight sky blues, violet and indigo with sparkling stars, this gorgeous galaxy jumbo Play Silkie is sure to set your starry night gazer's imagination alight. It's perfect for creative play and providing sensory stimulation for those who seek a little night sky exploration. 

Your favourite play silks just got better....or should I say BIGGER.

Play Silkies Jumbo Silks measure 180cm x 90cm, making them the perfect fit for cubbies, super capes and anything else that you just wanted that extra bit of silk for!

Play silks, a staple in any playroom. These wonderful toys may not seem like a ‘toy’ but put them in the hands of a child and what emerges can be surprising. There are so many ways to play with this simple toy that is only limited by imagination.

Intentionally designed to be manageable for the little people in your life, these Jumbo silks are made to fit most pikler climbing triangles 

Play silks are a magical play resource that inspires children's play. They are a timeless addition to any play space, be it home, early learning space or classroom. These materials are toys that children will be naturally drawn to play with over and over. The simplicity and open-ended nature of play silks inspire child’s natural creativity. 

Play silks are a perfect addition because:

  • They are open-ended and inspire children to express their imagination and support their independence 
  • They are a wonderful sensory addition to your loose parts play!
  • Play silks gives the child a unique sensory and tactile experience. They can feel the silks with their hands, their faces and their bodies as well as observe how the silk flows and moves though space. 
  • Play silks are timeless. They will grow with your child and inspire play for years to come.  From the posting box to the small world play set up to doll play, play silks are versatile and timeless in their offerings to children's play and learning. 

Play Silkies are designed in Melbourne, Australia and made from the highest quality, 8mm (momme) A-grade Habotai Silk. These silkies are made to be strong, soft and silky to allow for years of imaginative and sensory rich play. 

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  • Approximately 180cm x 90cm
  • Age 0+

Images credit @yasminrosephotography