Glitter Mix Smooshos Ball

Color - Pink - Love Hearts

Glitter Mix Smooshos Sensory Ball with Visual Themed Sequins: Fruit, Animals, Love Hearts

Introducing our captivating Sensory Squeeze Balls - an enchanting fusion of soothing textures and delightful visuals designed to ignite joy in users of all ages. Each squeeze ball comes adorned with an array of sparkling glitter and enchanting visual sequins, available in three charming themes: Love Hearts, Fruit, and Animals.

Crafted with love and safety in mind, these versatile squeeze balls provide a mesmerizing tactile experience, making them perfect for preschoolers, primary-aged children, and even adults seeking stress relief and sensory stimulation.

  1. Glittering Sensation: Captivating glitter sparkles with every squeeze, creating an engaging and therapeutic effect.
  2. Visual Sequins: Dazzling visual sequins dance as the ball is manipulated, captivating both young and adult users.
  3. Three Enchanting Themes: Choose from Love Hearts, Fruit, and Animals, each bringing its own magical charm.
  4. Tactile Therapy: Ideal for sensory seekers, stress relief, anxiety reduction, and increasing focus and concentration.
  5. Suitable for All Ages: From curious preschoolers to playful primary-aged children and stress-burdened adults.

Indulge your senses or delight your loved ones with these versatile and delightful Sensory Squeeze Balls. Embrace the enchantment, relieve stress, and unlock a world of tactile magic with each delightful squeeze.

Benefits for Children:
  • Engaging Sensory Play: The colorful gel beads inside the ball provide a delightful tactile experience, encouraging sensory exploration and cognitive development in preschool-aged children.
  • Stress Relief: The satisfying squishiness of the Smoosho ball helps children release tension and excess energy, promoting calmness and focus during playtime or moments of anxiety.
Benefits for Adults:
  • Stress Buster: Whether you're at work or home, the incredible texture of this Smoosho ball offers a quick and effective stress-relief solution. A simple squeeze can melt away worries and promote relaxation.
  • Hand Exercise: Busy hands can find comfort in manipulating the gel beads, offering a soothing repetitive motion that can help reduce stress and increase hand dexterity.

  • Squishy Smoosho ball that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • Squeeze to manipulate the colourful gel beads inside the ball.
  • With an amazing texture that makes your worries melt away
  • Measures: 60(L) x 60(W) x 60(H) mm