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Type: Figurines

Iguanodon by CollectA

Iquanodon is a quirky dinosaur that's for sure. I'm sure he was the inspiration for a particularly annoying Star Wars character that I won't name, but we all know who he is. He just needs some big flappy ears! 

CollectA design beautiful and realistic figurines that inspire children's imaginations and enrich their natural play drive. 


This life-like figurine measures 15cm x 8 cm

A few fun Iguanodon facts:

  • The hands of the Iguanodon were very unusual the thumb was a spike whilst the three load-bearing centre fingers had hoof like nails.
  • The little finger was very mobile like that of a human thumb and could be used to grasp things. 
  • Diet: herbivorous
  • Period: Lower Cretaceous
  • Meaning: Iguana Tooth