Large Wooden Mortar and Pestle

Type: Wooden Toys

Introducing the enchanting Papoose Toys Large Wooden Pestle and Mortar - your gateway to a world of magical concoctions, whimsical recipes, and endless imagination. Crafted from the finest teak wood, this mortar and pestle duo is ready to transform your little one's playtime into a captivating adventure.

Standing at a charming 7cm in height with a 12cm diameter, this magical tool is the perfect companion for children aged 3 and up. Crafted with love and attention, each piece boasts its own unique wood grain patterns, ensuring that no two are alike - just like the spells your young spellcaster will brew!

In the enchanting realm of open-ended play, this teak mortar and pestle finds its true calling. Whether nestled in a cozy home corner or outside, in a bustling mud kitchen, the possibilities are as boundless as a witch's brew.

A stirring addition to potion play, this delightful wooden set sparks the flames of creativity. As small hands explore the tantalizing textures and the delightful clinking sounds, they embark on a sensory journey. Older children, driven by their culinary curiosity, will find it the perfect tool for baking adventures, while nature potion-making and science play beckon them to discover the mysteries of the world around them.

Whisking, grinding, and stirring, the Papoose Toys Large Wooden Pestle and Mortar invites children to engage in dramatic play, immersing them in a world of possibilities. Transform everyday objects into magical ingredients, and watch as the kitchen, both indoors and outdoors, becomes a hub of youthful exploration.

From cauldron-like concoctions to savory spells, this teak mortar and pestle is a versatile piece of wizardry for any aspiring sorcerer or kitchen maestro. In the realm of creativity, the Papoose Toys Large Wooden Pestle and Mortar reigns supreme, ushering in endless hours of whimsy and wonder.

So why wait? Grab this delightful teak treasure and let your child's imagination soar. It's the perfect mix of charm and functionality, whether your little ones are whipping up spells or scrumptious treats. Embrace the magic of open-ended play with the Papoose Toys Large Wooden Pestle and Mortar today!


  • Measures approximately 12 X 7 cm 
  • Made from plantation teak 
  • Unique wood grain pattern so no two are alike