Large Wooden Sorting Tray - 15 Sections


Large Wooden Sorting Tray - 15 Sections 

This large tray is a wonderful and affordable alternative to the Grapat Tinker Tray. You can use it flat tray to store your loose parts collection. Whether your collection is Grapats or Grimms or your own collection of natural and man-made or repurposed parts. Each compartment measures 10 x 12 cm and is 7cm deep - the perfect size to house your collections. 

The trays can also be used on a table top, atop a shelf as a display shelf for treasures.  You would also fix the tray to a wall. 



  • External:  60 long x 42 wide x 10 high
  • Internal: 10cm x 12 cm for each section

Suitable for children aged 3 years+