Mini Tuff Tray - Black


An extremely versatile tray suitable for a variety of resource requirements. Ideal for sand and water, messy play, art and craft and various role play scenarios.The new smaller design makes the Tuff Tray easy to store. It can also fit through a standard doorway making it easy to move around quickly.

A tuff tray is a large shallow tray that supports parents and educators in offering messy and sensory play to the children in their lives. The solid shallow edges are sturdy and can support children as they lean in to play! It's a fabulous way to provide messy play. It's also fabulously easy to clean up - simply hose out the tray and start again. 


  • 70L x 70W x 7cmH
  • Tray Depth: 5cm
  • Made from high density durable plastic
  • This tray can be used on a table, on the ground or
  • Pair it with the adjustable height Mini Tuff Tray Stand 

Please note that this is a pre-order and our distributor fulfills orders for us!