Monday the Plane

Type: Wooden Toys

Held by little hands fuelled by big imagination, Monday the Plane is designed to soar through the sky carried high in the air by tall reaching arms and tip toes. Making aviation history in its own right, Monday the Plane enjoys long flights around the living room and soft landings on a comfy bed.

Lovingly designed and made on the Gold Coast from premium grade plywood, Monday features two sets of wings which easily clip into the body with a satisfying ‘click.’ These unique clips mean that Monday is shipped to its new home unassembled and can quickly be put together by children with adult supervision. When Monday isn’t practicing the perfect landing down the hallway, it can simply be disassembled, parked on a shelf for display or hung by a string near the window to fly through the breeze.

L 32cm x W 30cm x H 10cm

Natural, safe, sustainable
The premium grade plywood we use is Baltic Birch plywood, thoughtfully sourced from the Baltic Sea region. It has the lowest emissions rating possible, so it doesn’t leach any chemicals or gases. Being a natural material, the appearance may vary slightly to what is pictured. The plywood may have ‘butterfly patches’ on the faces and small core voids on the edges. We love these unique, small features because no two toys will ever be the same and we encourage you to embrace these little accents too.

Suitable for children 3 years and over. Adult supervision recommended.
Packaged unassembled in a calico bag. Comes with instructions for simple assembly by children with the help of an adult. No tools or screws needed!
Accessories not included.