Scalloped Hammerhead Shark || CollectA


Introducing the awe-inspiring Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Figurine by CollectA, a stunning representation of one of the ocean's most iconic predators. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lifelike figurine captures the unique characteristics of the scalloped hammerhead shark with remarkable accuracy.

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, this figurine is built to withstand the test of time, making it an ideal choice for both play and display. From its distinctive hammer-shaped head to its sleek, streamlined body and intricate fin detailing, every aspect of this figurine reflects the magnificence of these fascinating creatures.

Whether adorning a shelf as a captivating display piece or inspiring imaginative underwater adventures, the CollectA Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Figurine is sure to captivate the hearts and minds of shark enthusiasts of all ages. Dive into the depths of the ocean and bring home the majesty of the seas with this exquisite piece from CollectA.


  • CollectA Hen
  • Size : 15.5 x 7 x 5.5cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+.
  • Made from PVC,
  • Painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

Fun Facts about Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks:

1. **Distinctive Head Shape:** As their name suggests, scalloped hammerhead sharks have a unique head shape with scalloped edges and a central indentation, giving it a hammer-like appearance. This distinctive feature helps them to detect prey more effectively and maneuver efficiently in the water.

2. **Social Behavior:** Scalloped hammerhead sharks are known to form schools, sometimes consisting of hundreds of individuals. These schools can be segregated by gender and age, with females forming separate groups during certain times of the year, such as during mating and pupping seasons.

3. **Excellent Swimmers:** These sharks are powerful and agile swimmers, capable of swift movements and impressive feats of maneuverability. Their unique head shape also allows for enhanced sensory capabilities, including improved depth perception and 360-degree vision.

4. **Global Distribution:** Scalloped hammerhead sharks can be found in tropical and warm temperate waters around the world, inhabiting coastal areas, continental shelves, and oceanic islands. They prefer shallow waters but can also venture into deeper offshore regions.

5. **Feeding Habits:** Scalloped hammerhead sharks are primarily carnivorous and feed on a variety of prey, including fish, squid, octopus, and crustaceans. Their wide-set eyes and electroreceptive ampullae of Lorenzini help them to detect prey hiding in the sandy ocean floor.

6. **Reproductive Strategy:** These sharks are viviparous, meaning they give birth to live young rather than laying eggs. Females typically give birth to litters of 12-20 pups after a gestation period of around 9-10 months. Pups are born fully developed and are immediately independent.

7. **Conservation Concerns:** Scalloped hammerhead sharks face various threats, including overfishing, habitat degradation, and accidental capture in fishing gear. They are listed as endangered or vulnerable by conservation organizations due to population declines caused by human activities.

8. **Role in Ecosystem:** As top predators, scalloped hammerhead sharks play a crucial role in maintaining the health and balance of marine ecosystems. By regulating prey populations, they help to ensure the stability of food webs and the overall health of oceanic habitats.