Colourful Sensory Rice

Type: Toys

Colourful Sensory Rice

Our sensory rice is custom made from sustainable and food safe ingredients. While we don’t encourage the consumption of our divine sensory rice, we completely understand that young  minds may be curious enough to give our rice a nibble. Children are after all sensory learners! Actually, if you want to offer your littles a taste based sensory experience with rice, cook them up a cup of rice and drop a few different food colouring drops into the rice and let them explore!  

Why is rice a sustainable choice for sensory play?

Well, rice, while a food product is 100% replaceable. Crops can be grown and grown again and the rice is completely biodegradable. While food based play can be frowned up, I have a friend who has used a dried bean mix at her early learning service for 10 years. How amazing is that? 

Our sensory rice is free from anything harmful and is completely safe for little hands. We make our sensory rice in small batches so they are fresh and ready to go! Store your rice in an air tight tub or even pop it in the freezer to keep any pantry critters at bay. 

Our sensory rice is preschooler tested and preschooler approved! 

We have designed our beautiful custom blends to inspire children's play and learning through their sense. We have:

  • Rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.
  • Unicorn - a blend of purple, blue, pink. 
  • Fairy - pink, green, mauve, magenta
  • Mermaid - teal, violet, blue, green.
  • Earth - blue, navy, teal, moss
  • Galaxy - navy, blue, black, grey, purple 
  • Sunset - pink, orange, sunshine yellow

Play extension ideas for Sensory Rice:

  • use teaspoons and measuring cups together! This will help children to learn through pouring and filling and tipping how measurements work. How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?
  • scissor action tea infuser is great for developing fine motor skills and muscle strength! You can grab the tea and then dip it out. 
  • sand and water wheels are great fun! Just use a storage tub with 10cm high sides. 
  • add tumbled stones, pebbles, acrylic gems and other pretty stones for a treasure hunt. 
  • use small bowls of different sizes
  • add a tea set!