Slicks Paint Sticks || Cool Ocean - Set of 12


Slicks by Zart Cool Ocean12’s

Introducing Slicks by Zart: Unleash your creativity with Slicks 12's, a collection of ultra-smooth paint sticks reminiscent of lipsticks. This set of cool ocean hues are a wonderful addition to your creative arts collection. 

these Slicks effortlessly glide across surfaces, delivering bold and vibrant results. Fast-drying and washable, they cater to all ages and offer a hassle-free painting experience on the go. With a convenient twistable mechanism, there's no need for sharpening, making them the perfect clean and portable solution for all your painting endeavors.

You can experience a fresh approach to painting with our selection of Zart's Color Paint Slicks. These clean and convenient painting tools boast a no-mess, no-fuss applicator, perfect for students, artists, and classrooms alike. Once applied, they dry in seconds, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Glide effortlessly across paper, card, and even glass windows and wood surfaces with Slicks' smooth application. Plus, their fast-drying and washable formula guarantees easy cleanup. With a lipstick-like applicator, applying vibrant colors has never been simpler, and with no sharpening required, you can focus solely on your masterpiece.

Slicks can be used on a variety of surfaces:

  • Glass: For a fun activity at home draw directly on a glass window and be amazed as the light shines through and illuminates your work. Because Slicks are non-permanent on glass you can easily remove them with some water and a sponge.
  • Paper: Paint in a stick, draws on wet and dries without smudging.
  • Wood: Wooden surfaces.
  • Fabric: Slicks are a non-permanent textile and fabric decoration.
  • Dark surfaces: White and metallic Slicks work effectively on brown kraft card, black and dark backgrounds.
  • Canvas: Slicks are a portable paint solution!
  • Magiclay: Use Slicks to colour dried Magiclay models.
  • Polystyrene: Colour polystyrene with ease!.


  • Pack of 12 colours.
  • Colours: 12 blue and green cool shades. 
  • Slick size: 88mm long x 15mm diameter
  • 10 g per Slick stick
  • Easy to use twistable mechanism
  • Great for Plein Air, craft projects, canvas and paper (cartridge, mineral and watercolour)
  • Ideal for all ages
  • Slicks can be used on a variety of surfaces!