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Felt Sushi Bento Box - 14 Pieces 

This delightful sushi bento box set by Papoose Toys is gorgeous, simply gorgeous. This set contains fourteen pieces of hand-crafted felt food that are the perfect replicas of traditional styles of sushi: sashimi, sushi rolls, and inside out rolls. There is also accompanying ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.


felt sushi food

This remind me of when I was teaching a group of curious preschoolers in a Western Suburbs preschool. I was having a tuna sushi roll one day for lunch at work.  The children were fascinated by my lunch. I showed them what was inside and talked about the ingredients. This then led to us researching sushi and eventually making our own. Everyone tried it even though many didn't like it. They loved the process of researching, combining ingredients and trying it. This was such a beautiful little community experience.  Children are fascinated by food from other countries and it's fantastic when they were willing to give them a try! 

Our felt veggie set, felt fruit set and felt sandwhich sets all by Papoose Toys would be great companions to use with the Felt Sushi Bento Box. 



One of the ways we can support and extend children in exploring food from across the globe is through pretend play. Children, through play, develop a sense of security and gain confidence, because lets face it, trying something new can sometimes be daunting! 

  • 2 x Salmon Sashimi 
  • 2 x Tuna Sashimi
  • 4 x Hand Rolls (assorted)
  • 3 x Inside out Rolls
  • Ginger
  • Wasabi
  • Soy Sauce

Papoose create products from safe, natural materials that are handmade with care. They are designed in Australia and made in Nepal using fair labour and fair trade. This is made from wool felt so it can be gently hand-washed, the material used is 100% natural and the dyes are non-toxic.