Treasure Bags Set of Six

Type: Loose Parts

These beautiful little keepsake drawstring bags are made from sari material which is left over from making saris. Saris are beautiful garments worn by women in India, Nepal and many other Asian countries. They are custom made and leave behind the fabric remnants. These remnants are then up-cycled into these drawstring bags. 

As an experience children can gather loose parts and match them to a coloured bag or just gather treasure to match their own classification system.  

Each set is unique. You will receive a set of 6 bags gathered in the shade of a rainbow. Each set is selected by hand. 

These bags are handmade and are therefore entirely unique.  

Approximate dimensions: 4 X 4 inches or 9.5 X 9.5 cms.

These are recycled/upcycled bags and imperfections may occur such a pulled threads or imperfection in the weave. We do however take great care in selecting our bags.

We recommend that these bags are not suitable for children under the age of three years.