Wondercloths || Enchanted Kingdom

Type: Pretend Play

Enchanted Kingdom Play Cloth by Wondercloths

A majestical castle surrounded by a moat, fields of wildflowers and fabled unicorns wait to be explored. This play cloth is the perfect backdrop to children's imaginative play. A rainbow in the soft blue sky and an enchanted forest off in the distance. 

This beautifully hand-illustrated play cloth is an open-ended resource that inspires fun & learning through self-directed play. 

From small world play to den building, from dressing up to wrapping presents, children can dance with it, let it blow in the wind, tie it on a stick, wear it as a cape or even hang it on the wall as a piece of art.

Your child decides how to use the cloth, and that’s where the magic lies…


  • cloth measures 1m x 1m.
  • eco-friendly dyes
  • biodegradable organic cotton
  • plastic + toxin free

Wondercloths came to life because Vi, the creator of Wondercloths couldn’t find a vegan play silk. They owned a beautiful wooden play frame over which they loved to drape materials over. When her youngest was a few months old she started searching for a night sky cloth but had no luck in finding one, so she set out to make her own. She partnered up with an amazing freelance artist who brought her visionary designs to life, and was lucky enough to find a production partner who cared as much about the planet as she did. Wondercloths was born.

She loves open ended toys, toys that spark imagination, toys that foster independent play and toys that make learning fun & visual and her play cloths do just that!

Please Note: Listing is for one play cloth only.