Wooden Counting Tablets 1 to 10

by QToys
Type: Wooden Toys

Wooden Counting Tablets 1 to 10

These little wooden tablets are numbered 1 through to 10 and  they are the perfect tool to support children's emerging knowledge of numbers.  Children can explore the concepts of counting and one to one correspondence through hands-on play. 

This counting and maths set is the perfect alternative to templates or stencils or indeed numbers posters. Why? Well, children learn most effectively through hands on play, and this set of ten tablets offer children a rich opportunity to develop sound mathematical concepts through hands on learning. There is also an added bonus of developing fine motor skills and hand-eye-coordination. A template certainly cannot support such rich and involved learning. 

As the tablets are loose, children can line the tablets up in order from one to ten, or they can cluster them as shown in the photos. In fact, allowing children to experiment with the arrangement is all part of the learning process. They will be able to clearly visualise the difference between one tablet and the five tablet and the ten tablet. In time they will be able to lay out the tablets in numerical order and easily count the wooden balls as they place them in the grooves. 

Comparing and contrasting the tablets would also be a really rich learning opportunity - being able to see the difference between two and four or four and eight and five and ten. 

This counting and maths set comes with coloured wooden balls which children can also sort and classify as they count. 

  • Australian company
  • made in Vietnam
  • made from recycled or plantation timber
  • produced under a fair-trade-scheme where craftspeople are taught trades
  • providing employment and a fair income for women and other-wise abled people