Wooden Slice || Papoose


Wooden Slice for Play-Scapes

These wooden slices can be used for many play endeavours. These slices are open-ended and can live many lives in the play of children:

  • They can be the base of small world play,
  • used in home corner as a serving platter,
  • a building platform for block play,
  • the roof of a cave, 
  • play dough boards
  • home decor ...

I use the boards for many of my photo shoots and they are simply divine and really have such a rich and natural colour with such beautiful unique wood grain. 

I also season the wood with a beeswax and orange oil blend and it deepens the wood and also conditions it. 

Each slice is unique and completely one of a kind. They are tree slices made from wood and as a result the natural textures, shapes and sizes will vary. There may be some minor splits in the wood that are part of their charm. 

The sizes will vary and are approximately 25cm in diameter and 3cm thick.