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Australia is on Fire

Australia is on Fire

Hello all ...  

With everything going on in our country right now, it just seems so wrong to be writing the usual newsletters or blogs. It's January 15th and I have been pondering this since Christmas.  I've been putting this off for so long. Part of my goals for 2020 has been to be consistent. So rather than avoiding this, I'm going to be plain. 

How are you? How are you really? I hope that you're ok, but in reality I know that many of you won't be. 

Watching what is going on has been heartbreaking. Listening to friends who were directly impacted has been ever so saddening. I've been reminded of the importance of the human impact upon our globe and of my personal responsibility to do better.   

Bearing witness to the impact upon our beautiful landscape and the loss of one billion creatures is just unfathomable. 

Watching people rally together to support people, animals and community has been beautiful. Watching friends volunteer and step up in small and big ways has been amazing. 

It's been such a conflicting time. There has just been so much loss and such generosity. 

As well as making smarter choices for our earth, I will be looking to supporting environmental charities for some ongoing impact and change for both flora and fauna. I want to make a difference. 

Yours in Kindness, 


Sticks & Stones Education 

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