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How does a Reflective Journal help you with Goal Setting and Life?

How does a Reflective Journal help you with Goal Setting and Life?

How does a Reflective Journal help you with Goal Setting and Life?

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I'm sitting at my mother's family table which looks out onto my parent's deck. I have my dad's grandfather's 100+ year old grandfather clock sitting behind me ticking away the time, the wind in the ornamental pear tree, the dogs tap-tap-tapping as they run and explore the garden, the evening sounds of the birds and the wind chime singing along. My family isn't here, but I'm surrounded by family history in my mother's parent's old home, looking out on the garden my father has nurtured from nothing but grass and clay. 


The washing machine is also humming along in the background, while not as pretty, at least gives me some comfort around productivity! I didn't vacuum, but I have managed four consecutive loads of laundry. #adulting. 


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I have been working on my personal reflections journal pretty consistently throughout the year - this means making goals and actively working my way towards them. A lot of my goals have been about my wellbeing and creating routines for my life. Turns out these are pretty big goals - and goals that will evolve over time. They are also goals that I think I will take with me into the first part of 2020 at the very least. I think we need to let go of this goal completion mentality and start thinking about the process more than the final destination.


In 2019 I  gave myself permission to not finish goals each quarterly cycle, but continue them on, slightly tweaked into the next cycle. I didn't think this was possible last year and I would drop goals and move on to the next because I thought I had to. I felt like I needed to. Well. I don't. If you have some goals that you are still trying to tackle - I give you permission to persevere.


I also made a goal to spend more time with my dogs. I love them dearly, but they are sooooo needy being Staffy crosses. It's the Staffy in them that's needy. They're amazing dogs and they deserve me to step up. So, I'm going to bring them along with me where I can.



I have loved keeping a reflective journal. I can see my growth and progress over the year. I can see what I've achieved as well as what challenged me - and what also may challenge me! I can write myself notes and encourage myself. I can find some gorgeous inspo online and print them out and use them to brighten up my goals and plans. I can add photos from my life and document in my journal that way. 


So now I must head home, travelling upon a motorway that I spent nearly 2000 hours and 35,000+ kilometres with over four years. Insane numbers. I now have a few minute commute. I have more time to spend on what matters most - the people I love, the creatures I adore, and nurturing myself. 


On December 28th I am going to start thinking about my personal human goals for 2020 with my amazing friend Sonya Forrest. She runs a Vision Board workshop and last year I went with the fabulous Loretta from Needle + Felt.  My vision board from 2019 is in a frame and next to my front door and it is divine. I am so in love with it. It reminds me each day to work towards my goals. It's pretty and serves a soul*full purpose. I look forward to doing another one! 


On January 4th in Sydney I'm also going to be hosting my own workshop (eek!) with  educators to work on our Personal Reflective Journals. It will be us, our journals,  a big pile of stationery and our dreams for the up and coming year.  I'll have plenty of time to work out what I would like my professional goals to be for 2020 as a preschool teacher returning to teaching full-time! Squeee. I can't wait. 


Kindness to you, 



  • Oh Carmen! Thank you so much for your kind words. I wrote another article for the other website which I’ll post below. Its hard to know where to start! I have been coming to realise over the past couple of years that its import to just start and not overthing things too much. <3 – Gaby

    Gaby @ Sticks & Stones Education on

  • I loved the resources I bought from you especially the Travelling in Space planets. I give you five stars Gaby for sending it so quickly to me.
    Love your reflective journal would love to learn how to start of one for myself.

    Carmen Goonewardena on

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