Fabulous Free Printables for Preschool - Sticks & Stones Education

Fabulous Free Printables for Preschool

I thought I would gather a curated collection of some of the wonderful resources I have been using in my play-based preschool classroom and put them all together here in a handy dandy easily accessible resource! This service to be a collection for me, but also a useful link to share when the question is asked again! 

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Creating beauty where you can ... - Sticks & Stones Education

Creating beauty where you can ...

We are finding ourselves in strange and uncertain times. We started the year with catastrophic bushfires and then stepped straight into a pandemic. We have had so much heavy emotion to wade through this year, and we have only just ticked over into May. I actually have started so many newsletters and left them they didn't seem right. But I finally worked it all out. So a newsletter becomes a blog post which makes more sense as its own blog. Go figure. 

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Australia is on Fire - Sticks & Stones Education

Australia is on Fire

Hello all ...    With everything going on in our country right now, it just seems so wrong to be writing the usual newsletters or blogs. It's Jan...

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How does a Reflective Journal help you with Goal Setting and Life? - Sticks & Stones Education

How does a Reflective Journal help you with Goal Setting and Life?

I have loved keeping a reflective journal. I can see my growth and progress over the year. I can see what I've achieved as well as what challenged me - and what also may challenge me! I can write myself notes and encourage myself. I can find some gorgeous inspo online and print them out and use them to brighten up my goals and plans. I can add photos from my life and document in my journal that way. 

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I Quit My Day Job - Sticks & Stones Education

I Quit My Day Job

This is not some wanky I quit my day job and now I'm squillionaire! ... I really did quit my job. Really. I went and quit my 9-5 day job. Crazy hey? Well, I just couldn’t do it anymore. The 8 hour day in management that was becoming increasingly complex and dissatisfying plus the two hours in the car to and from.  I have learnt a great deal about myself and my skills, but it just didn’t “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say. So I picked it up, I thanked it, and I put it to the side.

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Reflections on the Year 2018 - Sticks & Stones Education

Reflections on the Year 2018

I am struggling with the notion that 2018 is nearly done and dusted. What just happened? No, seriously, what. just. happened?

Reflecting back over 2018, I had some big milestones, and they were mostly business related. I started this modest business in 2013 with a business partner, and in mid-2018 I took it solo. I’d spent a wee bit of time beforehand trialling things out and thinking things through before committing to the decision of continuing the business. 

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Butterfly Small World Play - Sticks & Stones Education

Butterfly Small World Play

Butterfly Small World Play This divine little small world of butterflies and flowers in the ever so versatile Kmart Play Tray was created by Carl...

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A Day Out @ Campbelltown City Council Family Day Care’s Conference - Sticks & Stones Education

A Day Out @ Campbelltown City Council Family Day Care’s Conference

I was invited to attend the FDC conference organised by Campbelltown City Council FDC Scheme with a number of other Western Sydney council FDC services in attendance. I didn’t hesitate to say YES! One of my good networking critical friends works in the region and I knew I would see her there so that was a sweetener! But also the fact that the event was going to be small and a good entry point for me managing markets on my own! I’d always had my business partner to do events with me.

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